Russia vs. USA in Syria! (World War 3 – 12/12/12?)


  1. Russia continues to support the right of Syria to resolve its own internal political situation.
  2. US SOF (Special Forces) and CIA are supporting Al Qaeda operatives in the Syrian Civil War – some of these forces are already engaging with Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) supporting the Syrian regime.
  3. NATO/US Forces are preparing for a campaign in Syria.
  4. US (President Obama) is once again making claims, concerning WMD (Chemical Weapons) to use this as a pretext for pre-emptive war.
  5. Israel is in the midst of a political crisis and any action in Syria could act as a trigger for an Israeli pre-emptive attack on Iran.
  6. The US economy (and world economies generally) is NOT in recovery (despite the propaganda). Given the economic doldrums we are in, it is entirely possible that western governments will use large-scale war as a way to achieve Paul Krugman’s dream of “large scale government spending”.

We are in a dangerous time.

We are being fed a daily diet of “Syria would be a good war” from the Left and the Right in the US.

Now, with President Obama’s “chemical weapons red line”, we can expect a “Remember the Maine” event. If Russia is still in full military support of Syria, when this intervention occurs, US forces and Russian forces could find themselves in combat – against each other. This would be WW3.

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