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Mission Statement: #STAZHIT! (#seattle, #ponzi, #pyramid, #hope, #MyRA, #obama)
2014-02-09 15:31:59

We at endeavor to serve the community with a wide variety of asset diversified many-tiered in-sourced reverberating credit swaps.

We know times are tough, so we are partnering with President Obama on that whole "MyRA" thingy - we know it is probably bullshit, but we don't care.

You see this picture ... --->

Screenshot from 2014-02-09 15:29:30

This picture is so you think we care about people and shit and their kids - we totally do.

At we want to make a better world for kids by ensuring that cross-border trans-finite crypto-currency intermediaries are unable to mitigate counter-party risk and harm due to shit Goldman-Sachs usually does because they are assholes ...

Just saying.

You can investigate other process focused methodologies - please do bitch!

Those other methods for building wealth do not use the tried and tested plan-managed cardinality specified classification partitioning schema directed towards mortgage-backed low-risk tranche equities and stuff man.

At, we know you will give us a lot of money - we want and expect you to ...

There are many competitive solutions for six-sigma certification on an limited warranty pass-through financialization of nocturnal soul-vampire real estate trusts. You can choose the other guy, or you can go with the folks who build bridges between mismanaged fear-schemes and war-mongering death pyramids.

When you think about "stashing your wealth" some place ...

Don't go to J.P. Morgan or Goldman or CitiBank or AIG or U.S. Treasuries ...

Go to some place people trust.

Go to