Dexter Romweber 1966-2024, RIP. Saw Flat Duo Jets open up for The Cramps at The Crest Theatre. Amazing energy and I was hooked about 5 seconds after they hit the stage.


“Hold On” available to download. 



I made my first lyric video yesterday. I didn’t even know that was a thing. But it  is. It’s for a new song “Hold On” and will be up on YouTube in the next day or two.


Music video "Play for You' has 171 views. Thank you to everyone who has given it a watch. It is appreciated. Also, added a link in the comments to the song lyrics. 


Mr. Bonifay had a birthday yesterday and so by the power invested in me as someone who has a website I am promoting him to Professor Bonifay. He has earned it. So says Sully. Also, because life and moving and…

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New year new look . . . Oh. Wait. Crap. I better get to work.


I hope today finds everyone doing alright. I appreciate everyone who has given the new video a look-see.


Thank you to Bonifay, John, Kim A., Joe, Amy, Sarah, Jake, Susie, Kelly, Diana, Tiffany, and anyone I missed for listening to the songs and/or watching the videos. The songs are happiest when they are heard.