I Am Rambling


On roads trips, I grew up singing that song “99 Bottles of Beer” and now that I am grown I question why . . . why were the beers on the wall and not in the fridge. 


Steve Abini

[Shellac of North America
Catalog number TG 211 CD
Audio compact disc
44.1 kHz sample rate
16 bit word length
Samples represented in twos complement binary
Set reproducer for reference level
1000 Hertz]

To the one true G


The first time I saw Steve Albani in concert . . .


Recorded new vocals for repeating, but haven’t posted new version. So don’t listen to the old one still on the juke box. Not that you were. Lol

½ deaf versus recording, it’s a struggle. But like Mr. Rock said, “no…

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Riding to Granite Bay Brewing


New instrument. Blues and brews?


I recorded the next Song for Tiffany, but the tempo falls apart about ½ way through it. So . . .